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Fortnite Starts Tomorrow


Last Updated on 27/06/2019 by TDH Publishing (A)

With summer already here, Fortnite is all set to start its season with a two-week long event. 14 days of summer kicks off on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices tomorrow, June 25.

This 14-day event has a load of new things to do and see in Creative, Fortnite’s Battle Royale, Save the World modes.

The developer of Battle Royale, Epic, will reveal one weapon only for 24 hours every day during the 14 days of the event, giving gamers a chance to play around with some of the items that have been removed from the game. Also, there would be new challenges to complete and rewards to unlock every day, as well as the outfits and other items that can be purchased from the in-game shop.

Battle Royale will also jump into a limited-time mode every day during the 14-day of Summer event. Epic has not yet revealed other modes that would arrive soon. Players can get an overview of all the 14 LTMs on the Fortnite website, which includes John Wick crossover, Wick’s Bounty, along with a handful of new modes like Splashdown Squads and Storm Chasers Surfin’ Squads. 

Meanwhile in Save the World mode, players can complete new quests every day during these 14 days of the event. Clearing these events will earn the players Summer Tickets, and if any player manages to complete all the 14 quests before Fortnite event ends, they can unlock a new explosive weapon.

There are still a few weeks left in Season 9 of Fortnite, but the developer, Epic, has already announced that there will be some changes for the next season. In the meantime, you can still clear any remaining challenges from this season. For more help, you can find guidelines and tips for all the trickier tasks in the complete Fortnite season 9 challenges roundup.

src: gamespot
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