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Galaxy Note 10 Pro Is Now Borderless


Last Updated on 14/06/2019 by TDH Publishing (A)

Rumors have already been hinting about the new advancement in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10 that will feature an all-new design that marks an evolution from Note 9 and other recent models. This year, Note 10 will get released in two sizes, a giant 6.75 inches Note 10 Pro and 6.3 inches Pro 10, both sharing a similar look.

Samsung is now reaching closer to an edge-to-edge display, filling the front of the Note 10 with more screen than ever before. It is now focusing more on reducing the wastage of space and extending the cut-out with a depth sensor. The giant company has confirmed on eliminating the smartphone’s bottom chin, with an even smaller silver bezel than the S10 has.

It is also evident from the reports that this smartphone gives a Nokia Lumia vibe since it has sharper corners as compared to Note8/9. But here come the cons; three things have also gone missing from this new advancement. The headphone jack has been removed unfortunately along with the fingerprint scanner. So it’s obvious that Note 10 will come up with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The back of the smartphone also consists of a trio of cameras, similar to the Galaxy’s S10 setup. But in Note 10, the trio would be arranged vertically. The front camera and associated sensors are implemented in the curved display, and to prevent this curvature, which causes image distortions, the flat camera module is introduced with a tilt.

It, then, gets quite clear that we need to learn a lot more about the new Samsung Note 10 Pro and stay further updated. However, the final design may differ from the sketches. Considering the information about these many new additions, Note 10 can be the signature look and feel of the new family devices that will be launched in 2020.

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