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Geo-targeting campaign by Nippon India Mutual Fund for better connectivity of investor and MF distributors


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Nippon India Mutual Fund’s new campaign lends a helping hand to potential mutual fund investors to be able to connect with the enlisted mutual fund distributors.

It is a geo-targeting campaign that serves as a solution to potential mutual fund investors who otherwise can not find a dependable mutual funds distributor and thereon keep delaying their investment plans.

The issue gained much limelight after AMFI’s ‘Mutual Funds Sahi Hai’ reached the height of success. This eventually created a lot of positive disposition with regards to mutual funds approach amidst retail investors.

The campaign makes use of social media channels, for eg. Facebook, and is likely to spread across up to 25 million potential investors.

The basis of the advertisements across these platforms is going to be the location of the onlooker and contact details of the respective MFD’s will be displayed upon these advertisements. 

The campaign covers almost 2000 key pin codes within India which cover more than 95% of the Indian MF businesses. It aims at connecting the potentially recognized investors with MFDs at local stages. The campaign’s reach 

Nippon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sandeep Walunj said:

We have made thousands of copies of this video with contact details of local MFD’s and we will be geo-targeting them at a pin-code level. This will ensure that prospective investors in Bandra, Mumbai on Bhatinda, Punjab, with eagerness to invest in Mutual Fund, but with lots of unanswered questions in their minds, will be helped with names and numbers of impanelled MFDs in their vicinity. This is not just ‘nice, goodwill gesture’ but one that will connect millions of information-hungry investors with thousands of small-time self-employed professionals across the country.”

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