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Good News for all the gamers: Krafton makes announcement of the Pre-registration date for Battleground India


Last Updated on 15/05/2021 by Khushi

Last Friday, game development company Krafton announced that from May 18, people can pre-register for the Battleground India game. The game is all set to launch in India soon as the new version of Pubg, although the company has not yet confirmed the date of the launch.


We can expect the creators to have improved all of the shortcomings of PUBG with its new version . The players being addicted to PUBGwas one of the main reasons of ehy ut was criticised by other people so much. Following which the government had earlier informed that it will induce healthy gaming habits.

However, now everything is changed in this new version, in this new version of PUBG, the company has set a time limit for players of different ages, therefore, if a player is under 18, then he can play the game only for 3 hours daily and also at the time of registration he will need to give the mobile number of his parents or guardian for the verification.

Along with this, there is no need to spend a lot of money on the game, because now gamers are allowed to spend only 7000 on the game every day, therefore now the parents of the youngsters or kids don’t require to be worried about their children.

Process for pre-registration

First of all, you need to open the play store app and find Battle Ground India, as soon as you get the game application in the search result, you require to click on it, after that the application will open, now you will see an icon pre-registration, just click on it without any delay. Once you click on it you need to enter some essential information such as your phone number, mail, etc.

According to the company, those who will pre-register themselves will get a reward for getting registered earlier, although this reward is limited to Indian users only.

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