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Google brought a new game “Doodle Champion Island” prior to the Tokyo Olympics Inaugural ceremony


Last Updated on 23/07/2021 by Riya

Do you love to see the Olympics? if yes then there is good news for you, now you can also play Olympic games on your mobile device as Google Doodle has brought a creative and enjoyable approach to promote the commencement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Owing to the coronavirus epidemic, the world’s most prominent athletic event has been delayed till 2021. Google has released Doodle Champion Island Games, an animated athletics game, prior to the inauguration ceremony.

Alphabet Inc has releasing an engaging series of doodle games themed on the happenings occurring in the next two weeks. Doodle Champion Island Games allows users to enjoy a variety of games by offering real team leaderboard rankings. They also revealed some new doodle champion island ‘purrr-sonalities.’

Anyone who participates in the game can choose one among the four teams including Blue, Green, Yellow, or Red. Table tennis, skateboarding, archery, rugby, swimming, climbing, and marathons are some of the most mainstream games.The Tokyo-based animator created the cutscene animation and associated avatars for the Google Champion Island games.

Popular figures from myths and tales from around the world were added to make the game attractive.On the occasion of the launch, the developer of this unique animated game commented, “First and foremost, we had hunted for characters from immensely renowned tales across the nation”.

He further added, “We subsequently recreated these folktales and their protagonists for making the game interesting, we wish that users will enjoy these games and play them all the way through”.Those who accomplish these games will also be rewarded with flowers and three coloured pastries. The launch of this game will be a delight for the entire world’s population.So, what else are you waiting for? Go to the Google webpage or one of the Google Doodle blogs to begin playing this interactive game.

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