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Google comes up with new Google Duo feature.


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Google is one of the largest internet giants with a net worth of around $64 billion. It has enhanced the new features in the video calling app, Google duo. Due to the lockdown, the application has been used immensely by people. Let’s have a sneak peek into the features and developments of the video calling application.

Boost video call quality in low bandwidth area

Google has announced that the company will be working on enhancing the video call quality, even if done with the low bandwidth connections. Improving the quality can include reduction of audio interruptions. Duo already uses Artificial Intelligence to reduce these interruptions. It tries to ensure reliable real-time communication. Google duo tries to cover the gaps and glitches in the audio system and improve the overall quality. A cover for all these glitches is the wave Net EQ, that has been now used in duo. It is a deep mind’s waveRRN technology That helps to provide a better performance.

Open to click side-by-side views pictures

Google is planning to create duo moments, where are you can click pictures together with the side by side view of both the people in full screen. All you need to do is turn on the two movements option placed in the settings, call settings. Doing this, it will generate an option on the bottom left corner. This is one of the most exciting features which the consumers await for.

Increase participant number beyond 12

Nowadays, group video calls are trending. This is the best time to develop applications modified with a large number of participants. Google duo has recently increased the limit of participation from 8 to 12. It supports android and iOS. Google is also planning to increase the number of participants of more than 12 in a single call.

Save personalised videos and voice messages

Okay, here is something new. Googled home allows you to send personal videos and voice messages that disappear after 24 hours. This is interesting, privacy is what we need. All this is done using the AR effects. Apart from this Google has planned to enable users to save these messages before they get disappeared within 24 hours.

Google duo is one of the most trusted applications used globally. It is going to make your video calling experience more interesting, exciting and fascinating.

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