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Google has launched a new feature that allows users to look for local news


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Google, the world’s largest tech corporation, has released a new feature. It is created with both the reader and the reporter in mind. Local news will be able to appear in Google search results thanks to this innovation. Previously, while looking for any news, only national news was displayed in the search results.

However, this trend is about to alter. In this case, Google can arrange the search result based on the user’s area. In which both national and local news will be given equal weight. It is being made available in a number of languages ​​all across the world.

As a result, you’ll be able to locate local news on Google in a wide range of languages. In the past, Google only prioritized those local news connected to Covid in its search results. However, Google has now widened it.

Local sports, local politics, and other news will eventually take precedence in such a situation. Tweets from news organizations, as well as official sources and writers, will also be displayed on Google’s behalf, according to the company. More features might be revealed in tomorrow’s Google event in India.

Riya is a technology enthusiast and an avid researcher. She writes about consumer tech, hacking, and technology consumer issues at TheDigitalHacker.
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