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Google invests $500k in an Indian Voice assistant startup “Slang Labs”


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Last Updated on 19/07/2021 by Khushi

Slang Labs, the in-app voice assistant startup has received $500,000 as funding through the Google Assistant Investment initiative. The startup is well known for inventing Voice Assistant Solutions. After backing by the tech giant Google, Slang Labs has become one of the first startup in the global In-App Voice Assistant field. On the other hand, the team at Slang is also very excited about receiving this new funding.

Recently Slang Labs co-founder Kumar Rangarajan remarked, “This funding by Google underlines the relevance of voice assistance within apps and underscores the most crucial new trends for this generation.” He further added, “Alongside English-speaking countries company is also focusing on adding Middle East languages into its voice assistant technology.” The ongoing pandemic enables technology to increasingly widespread in people’s regular lives, in such a scenario, in-app voice assistants proved very beneficial for e-commerce businesses as due to this it is possible to lead online purchases in the applications using voice and in user’s regional language thanks to this technology.

Today in every home you’ll find a smartphone although, just buying a smartphone is not enough as people should also know how to operate it properly. Due to the lack of knowledge several users face difficulty accessing applications. Along with difficulty in operating the app, They also face issues understanding English and using a touch-only interface which ultimately causes a huge loss to the brands to engage their customers which is a matter of concern as the brands rely on applications for engagement and interaction. In such a scenario Having an app offered conversations in different languages using an in-app voice assistant is the need of an hour as it will help in improving the user experience while using an app.

To overcome this issue Slang Labs’ launched its in-app voice assistant technology to help improve user’s in-app experience by offering a multilingual in-app voice assistant facility driven by artificial intelligence letting customers being engaged with the app by speaking in its regional language.

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