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Google Is Developing A Heavy Ad-Blocker


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As we know it today that ads essentially fund the internet, but sometimes they can create some of the worst experiences that the web has to offer.



Google Is Developing A Heavy Ad-Blocker 1According to a report, Google is currently working on a way for Chrome to automatically block some heavy ads on the web that tend to slow down our browsers.

Google has always been back and forth on ad blocking in the last few years. Recently, the giant company was in hot water due to upcoming changes to the way ad-blocking Chrome extensions are required to work. Before that, Google had made an ad-blocker for Chrome, designed exclusively to handle ads that Google doesn’t consider to be in-line with the Better Ads Standards.

Judging from a work-in-progress Chromium commit, the Chrome team may also be expanding on this effort with a new blocker which targets ads that use too much CPU or network, which are also called as “heavy-ads”. The commit message also shares some specifics on what it currently takes to trigger this blocker, but notes that these numbers are subject to change at any time: “This intervention unloads ads that are in the .1% of bandwidth usage, .1% of CPU usage per minute, and .1% of overall CPU time. The current numbers are 4MB network and 60 seconds CPU, but may be changed as more data is available.

Unlike Chrome’s other ad-blockers, which eliminate ads for an entire page, this new ad-blocker will only handle the problem ad. No other details related to the new ad-blocker have been informed beyond this, such as when the users can expect to see it arrive in devices. Since the work has just begun, it will surely take a number of months before Google would be able to launch it.

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