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Google presents a beautiful gift on Mother’s Day; a helping hand to families and especially parents


Last Updated on 17/05/2021 by TheDigitalHacker

Last Mother’s Day, Google Assistant brought a very unique and beautiful gift for all mothers around the world. These new features launched by Google Assistant will help mothers to easily handle the daily tasks of their children and other family members.

We all know that in this busy environment, parents are not able to take much care of their children, due to which often children are seen to lack good habits and discipline such as not sleeping on time, not brushing on time, and eating food without washing hands, etc. However, the features added by Google to Google Assistant are also helpful in teaching good habits and discipline to the children. To explain these features in brief, we have written about these features in detail, so let’s learn more about these features.

The Family Bell feature within Google assistant can help your family members to remember to complete daily tasks. 

In this busy life, we often forget to remind our family members of everyday tasks. In such cases, the family bell feature added to the Google Assistant will help remind your family members of the daily tasks, such as When to get up, when to sleep, when to complete your pending work, etc. This feature is very helpful for children and old people as it helps them to get up on time, exercise, do yoga and complete their pending work.

Story narration features help the kids to listen to bedtime stories. 

In our childhood, we all have heard bedtime stories from our parents and have also enjoyed those stories, but nowadays children are not so lucky because the parents of today’s generation do not have enough time to tell stories to their children. 

Although Google Assistant also has a way to solve this problem, recently Google Assistant has updated a new feature through which children can enjoy listening to their favorite stories. Stories like Harry Potter and Who Was…? can also be heard through this story narration feature.

New Songs for Kids added by Google assistant can motivate children to adopt good habits. 

In addition to the story narration feature, Google Assistant has also added a feature of Motivational songs for children which motivates children to adopt good habits.

These motivational songs include songs like ‘Clean Up’, ‘Go to Sleep’ and ‘Brush Your Teeth’. Today, in this Corona era, most of the children are stuck in their homes, due to staying in the house all day, the children become lazy and do not complete their work on time, so it is very difficult to teach them good habits and keep them in the discipline.

However, this new feature of Google Assistant will motivate children to adopt good habits by themselves. So if your child also shows tantrums while sleeping, brushing, or keeping their hands clean before eating, then you can motivate your children by playing these songs in front of them.

Send a Broadcast Message to all your family members. 

Many times we are busy with such important work that we do not even get the time to send the important message to our family members, to solve this problem, Google Assistant has added a feature called enhanced broadcast to its features, which lets you send a broadcast message to all the members of your family at once on their devices.

For example, suppose you have to attend a family function and you are stuck in important work and are not in a position to send a message to each family member, in such a case you can use this feature to inform all your family members. You can inform them by sending a broadcast message to their devices. These devices include smartphones, Google Home, Google Nest, Android, or iOS.

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