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Google Stadia Faces Rise in Users After Giving Free Accounts for Two Months


Last Updated on 25/04/2020 by TDH Publishing (A)

Stadia Is Google’s cloud-based game streaming service that has encountered an increase in users of the business giant graced its users with two months of free access to its premium account. This was done so that people can stay home and prevent the curb of the pandemic. The mobile application of stadia has witnessed 1 million installations is global as per analytics from Sensor Tower. In these lockdown days, the people or at home.

Is this the lockdown effect ?

There has been a huge change in the sale and spending of mobile and console games. The US video game sales have been hitting high large in the Coronavirus time. Google announced in April that it would give two months of free access to stadia’s premium account. In the initial week of the announcement, there have been around 2,25,000 installations globally through App Store and Google Play.

Simran K
Simran K
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