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Google Stadia Games Will Now Cost Full Price


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Google’s Stadia game streaming service will launch in November and you will need a speedy internet connection to use it. But this doesn’t mean the games will be cheaper. Phil Harrison, Stadia boss, reportedly revealed that they will cost the same as the counterparts on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“I don’t know why it would be cheaper,” he told Eurogamer on Thursday. “The value you get from the game on Stadia means you can play it on any screen in your life — TV, PC, laptop, tablet, phone,” he said. “In theory, the Stadia version of a game is going to be at the highest possible quality of innovation and sophistication on the game engine side.” Harrison didn’t tell Eurogamer exactly how much would the Stadia games cost.

“Stadia Pro comes with the added benefit of discount opportunities on content to purchase. Discount specifics will be disclosed once the platform is live,” a Google spokesperson wrote an emailed statement on Harrison’s comments. Stadia will launch with 30 games, including the major upcoming ones like Borderlands 3, Doom Eternal, and Baldur’s Gate.

You will have a few options on how to approach Stadia, with two of them being unavailable until 2020. There is only one way to play it in 2019, and that is The Founder’s Edition $130 limited pre-order offer that gets you access in November. This includes a limited-edition controller, a Chromecast Ultra streaming device, three months of Stadia Pro, Destiny 2, the first access to username creation, which means you can avoid filling it with silly numbers, along with a buddy pass that lets your friend try Stadia Pro for three months.

One question that popped up about Project Stadia was how they’ll manage with things like data caps, on which some home internet services place strict limits. But in an interview with GameSpot, Harrison did not seem so concerned that it will be an issue.

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