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Google Stadia’s Controller Would Not Work with Bluetooth Headsets


According to reports, Google Stadia’s controller will not be to wirelessly stream game audio to a user’s Bluetooth headphones or gaming headsets when it launches in November.

Doronichev suggested users to plug in a set of wired headphones into the controller’s 3.5mm jack if they really wish to listen to game audio in privacy.

There will be a work-around for Stadia users come launch time, i.e., so long as one has a Pixel-series phone or plan to play Stadia games on the Chrome browser. Pointed out by a reportDoronichev says that a user will be able to use his Bluetooth headphones to play Stadia by pairing them to his PC or Pixel phone, which will be one of the only mobile device lines that will support Stadia at launch. (Doronichev didn’t specify what Pixel phones would work on Stadia, so perhaps it will come to both the Pixel 3 line and earlier Pixel devices.)

This solution will work because it bypasses the controller, which needs a Wi-Fi connection to sync up with whatever screen the user is accessing Stadia on. This will surely impact Stadia Founder’s Edition consumers at the launch who were hoping to stream audio to Bluetooth headphones whereas gaming on the TV through the bundled Chromecast Ultra. For the rest of the audience, it seems like the workaround will be the solution if one wants to listen to wireless audio.

Google re-emphasized that users will be able to use any games they purchase, even if Stadia is discontinued down the road. At the same time, Doronichev said Google is super committed to the platform. “We have many passionate people who have spent years building it. We’ve invested a ton in tech, infrastructure and content.” 

At launch users will also be able to manage their friends list, create parties and use platform-level voice chat, he said. “And that’s just the beginning. We also have a healthy pipeline of social options going forward.” It will also consist of achievements similar to what is accessible on other platforms. Stadia will eventually support Family Sharing early next year as well.

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