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Google TV’s innovative new tailored profiles have been postponed


Last Updated on 05/12/2021 by Sunaina

Individual user accounts, which were supposed to come on Google TV last month, have been delayed, putting personalised content suggestions on hold.

The firm had previously stated that the new user profiles will be available on Google TV last month, but Google spokesperson Ivy Hunt told The Verge today that they will now be available “in the coming months.” The delay was first noticed by 9to5Google.

That’s a bummer for multi-user households hoping for profile features like customised watchlists, personalised help from Google Assistant, and filtering out the content interests of others using the same device (e.g., roommates, kids, etc. — though Google did introduce kids’ profiles earlier this year). Sharing a single experience with several people is like handing away your Netflix algorithm. It’s not perfect!

Google did not provide an explanation for the delay, but if everything goes well, its TV experience will deliver us individualized user profiles early in the New Year.

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