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Google is pushing brave users to move to Chrome using cheap tricks.


Last Updated on 28/10/2020 by Hrithik V

For almost a week, Brave Browser users are complaining about seeing a loop of Google CAPTCHA verification for the page they are visiting or trying to sign in.

Google is pushing brave users to move to Chrome using cheap tricks. 1
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Developed by Brave Software, Inc., the Brave Browser is based on Google’s open-source Chromium Web Browser. Brave Browser became very popular with users because it blocks ads by default and website trackers. It also helps users in saving bandwidth usage and it blocks advertising scripts even before they load.

Google is pushing brave users to move to Chrome using cheap tricks. 2
Stats from a computer of a software engineer who used brave for 40 days

The above screenshot represents the kind of tracking happening online but the biggest internet tracking giant “Google” doesn’t look to be happy about this practice and taking cheap actions to push users to change their browser.

Additionally, it even provides a safe and secure way for users to transfer cryptocurrency in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT tokens). 

Now It’s not an IP Address!

The users were not using VPN in fact when they tried opening the same webpage from google chrome, They were simply passed on the same computer.

Google Chrome is often considered not secure considering privacy, even in its Incognito mode since Google seems to be snooping around for user data, and not respecting the privacy of users. It stores data, which can be accessed at any time by Google, and hackers, if they are skilled enough. 

Brave provides a safe and private browsing experience, but recently, users are facing Google CAPTCHA verification at almost every page. However, when someone opens these pages on Google Chrome, or on Mozilla Firefox, these verifications barely come. It seems like Google is trying to force users to change to using Chrome and Mozilla. 

Google is pushing brave users to move to Chrome using cheap tricks. 3

It is known that Google funds a large portion of the Mozilla operations, and it would not be a surprise if it turns out that they have to work at the beck and call of the tech giant. If Google asks Mozilla for user data, they have to relent, as their funds are mainly from Google. However, Brave, on the other hand, has no obligation to Google. They do not have to provide data or give accesses to their databases. 

The CAPTCHA verifications used to be successful after a single try earlier and were not very frequent unless you reloaded the same page several times in succession. However, in the past few days, no matter which page you open, you get the verification even on your first try. And, it takes a minimum of five to seven tries for successful verification. 

This major flareup in the CAPTCHA is a creepy move on part of Google. Recently Google has been charged with anti-trust laws. And, this is a bold move on their part. It seems Google does not care about user privacy. It does not matter why the user wants privacy browsing and does not want trackers to go after their browsing history. Maybe the user is browsing some sites with adult content, or it might be private banking transactions, Google does not have the right to go after the data. 

This is a very bad move by Google, and it should not go unnoticed by the general public. Everyone needs to know about how Google wants their data, this is a breach of trust. Google should be held accountable for its actions.

Tuhin is a cybersecurity, Technology Enthusiast, and an avid reader. He loves finding loopholes in the existing public websites, applications, and software systems that can affect the general flow of the internet.
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