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Google’s Assistance Replies When Turning Off Lights


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Last Updated on 25/07/2019 by TDH Publishing (A)

According to recent reports, Google described the annoying scenario, especially when you are just about to sleep, of receiving a loud response when shutting off smart lights.

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Imagine this instance-

You, about to fall asleep: “Ok Google, turn off the bedroom lights”.

Google Home responds, a bit louder than you’d like: “Ok, turning off 2 lights”.

You, now wide awake, but at least the lights are off.

Moving forward, issuing a turn off command to a Google Home or Nest Hub in the same room as the lights in question will confirm the action with just a “chime” reply. This sound is not that disruptive than Assistant’s usual “Ok, turning off lights.”

Google’s announcement suggests that the reason for the modification is that the longer replies can be loud and jarring, especially late at night when one wants to use his voice assistant to turn off his bedroom lights. The change will affect any commands one uses to control the lights, whether it’s turning them on, turning them off, or adjusting their brightness.

Other commands that return the simple tone include increasing the brightness, dimming lights, and much more. In terms of connected devices, this change is not restricted to smart bulbs. It applies to switches and plugs that are recognized as lighting appliances in the Google Home app.

The search giant says the changes are now rolling out, and that they’re not available for everyone just yet. The announcement only specifically mentions the modification concerning the Google Home and Nest Hub devices, but Google was contacted about whether other Google Assistant smart speakers and smart displays will also be affected.

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