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Google’s Pixel 4 Creates New Camera Bump


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Here comes the official news about Google’s Pixel 4 new feature. Pixel 4 is all set to create a large, square-shaped camera bump. Though the dimensions of this camera are not announced clearly, judging from the company’s own render of the device, the camera would definitely be a large one, rising above the phone’s back surface.

As we all know, camera bumps aren’t are a new thing, and neither is the trend to increase the number of rear cameras of the phone (though, Pixel 4 will have two rear ones, for the first time). But its quite clear and obvious that this will soon become a trend, as both Apple and Google embrace a look for their smartphones once, the industry will tend to follow it.

Similar was the scenario with Apple’s iPhone X, which had a botched screen. Earlier, the look was ridiculed, but was accepted later, then copied massively. Today, most smartphones have some sort of notched screens, though we are slowly transcending that phase with Samsung ushering in the new trend of a hole punch camera. Many of the smartphones are also getting rid of this notched camera altogether.

There was also this rumor a few weeks ago that Pixel 4 lacked physical buttons, packing capacitive sensors, into the sides where the real buttons would go. More recent leaks, however, showed that the smartphone would have buttons on the side.

Interestingly, Google was one of the slowest giant-tech to adopt this notched camera trend, which was first featured in 2018 in Pixel 3 XL. And now, the giant-tech seems to be embracing this new look before most of the manufacturers like Huawei.

The reason behind moving towards this camera bump trend isn’t that hard to digest, because it’s the camera which is actually the selling point for smartphones. But for many, the size of the bump isn’t understandable. When Huawei and Leica released bumps, at least they were symmetrical. Hence, a perfect look, it is not.

Src: 9to5Google

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