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Google’s treatment of showing Kannada as the “ugliest language” gathers massive backlash


Last Updated on 06/06/2021 by Khushi

Google’s most recent step drew a massive backlash in India after its portrayal of Kannada, a language spoken primarily in India’s southwest, as the answer to the search query “ugliest languages.”

Kannada speakers slammed Google for insulting the historically significant almost 2000 year old language. A screenshot went around the web gathering widespread attention to Google’s response to “ugliest language”.

On Thursday, the Karnataka government condemned the incident and threatened Google with appropriate action. “This is a very condemnable thing to do. If Google or anyone else behaves in contempt of Kannada language or insults  Kannada, appropriate action will be taken against them” Arvind Limbawali, Karnataka’s minister for forests, Kannada, and culture, stated as much.

Limbawali further added to these statements that the department’s secretary has been briefed on the situation as well as has been directed to issue a notice to Google as soon as possible.

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