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Hackers targeting e-commerce sites using Linux backdoor


Last Updated on 26/11/2021 by Anamika

Reportedly, cybercriminals are now using a new kind of hacking campaign that is using Linux backdoor on e-commerce websites. It includes deploying a credit card skimmer on the websites.

The researchers at Sansec Threat Research were able to find a new malicious malware/agent named linux_avp which is known to hide as a system process on e-commerce website servers.

The hackers have been deploying this malware since mid-November and are targeting the control servers in Beijing.

The main aim of the attackers to use Link backdoor is to find out the weaknesses of various e-commerce websites and make the websites vulnerable at once, causing major harm.

“After a day and a half, the attacker found a file upload vulnerability in one of the store’s plugins. S/he then uploaded a web shell and modified the server code to intercept customer data” 

According to the reports of ITPro

The malware also has a way to get into the servers which have been removed or rebooted. It uses malicious crontab entry and it then downloads the Golang malware to execute to a random writable dictionary which further installs two configuration files.

The malware is affecting a lot of e-commerce websites at large but the reason is still not clear that why is it just being targeting the servers from Beijing?

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