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Hackers using fake SS7 exploits to increase their revenue


Last Updated on 26/11/2021 by Anamika

There is a specific protocol that is used globally to make the phone networks accessible to exchange information, calls, text messages, etc. That protocol is known as Signalling System 7.

The protocol is used by every person worldwide who is using the phone services. And hence, because of this high usage, the protocol is not safe from the hands of the users.

According to the sources, the security researchers warned Signalling System 7 about the potential attacks that might happen against the protocol vulnerabilities. The researchers were proved right as the year after this report, SS7 witnessed its first attack.

In the years followed, the SS7 security gaps were exploited in multiple campaigns to intercept calls, 2FA codes, locate devices, spoof SMS, and hijack Telegram and email accounts. 

To exploit the SS7 vulnerabilities, the hackers are using underground forums and offering fake exploits for SS7. According to the reports, the researchers found almost 84 unique domains that claim to offer fake exploits.

These sites appear to look like a scam where scammers dupe the buyers to steal their funds.  Some domains are still available under the names of SS7 Exploiter, SS& ONLINE Exploiter. SS7 Hack, and Dark Fox Market.

According to the reports of Bleeping Computer

To make the situation right, SS7 is trying to fix the vulnerabilities and flaws in the protocol but it is just the beginning. With a customer base so big, SS7 have to be very careful on not to create dupes of itself on dark web and take action as soon as they get to know about it.

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