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Heart emojis in WhatsApp conversations might have an animation effect


Last Updated on 23/12/2021 by Sanskriti

All of the heart emojis included in the chat app’s emoji section is slated to have animation shortly. According to WaBetaInfo’s screenshots, the heart emoji’s colors will all have a motion effect, which will boost their aesthetic attractiveness. WhatsApp Web/ Desktop has already received a stable version that includes the functionality. The announcement comes only a few days after the Meta-owned instant messaging service was said to be developing on two new visual indicators for the iOS version’s Call and Status page to warn users of end-to-end encryption.

Only the red heart emoji has a pounding animation right now. People will soon be able to send colored heart emojis with animated beats. According to the referenced source, this functionality is presently in development and not available for beta testers.

While WABetaInfo posted a screenshot of the heart animation on WhatsApp for iOS, the site claims that the same feature will be available on WhatsApp for Android as well. According to WABetaInfo, it is presently under development and will be delivered in a future beta tester update. ‘Message reactions’ feature is also under development by Whatsapp for the users. Users will be able to respond to messages with specific emojis as a result of this. This emoji will be added to the message as a sticker. In plain English, WhatsApp will feature a reaction details page that will reveal who everyone reacted to an emoji message.

It’s possible that the feature is related to the message reactions feature that was discovered before. WhatsApp is said to allow users to utilize individual emojis to respond to a specific message in a chat. There’s also an option for reaction information, which shows who has reacted to a message. Individual chat threads and group chat threads are said to be receiving message responses.

You won’t have to send many emojis by marking a single message this way. This function is comparable to how Instagram’s ‘Direct Message’ (DM) section allows users to respond to posts or messages with emojis.

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