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How to buy a washing machine? 


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Washing machine or a need of every household nowadays. Here is a guide on how to buy washing machines based upon there type and working. There are various washing machines with different features, loading capacity and functions. There are washing machines with functions like a quick wash, protective rat mesh, wash programmes, child lock, hot water dispensers and digital display. to buy a washing machine various elements are to be considered including the material of the machine, wash settings, spin cycle, fuzzy logic, temperature control, time delay etc. so here is a guide helping you on how to purchase a Washing machine





How to buy a washing machine?  1

These washing machines have 2 tubs, one is for washing and the other one is for drying. You need to manually shift clothes from the washer to the dryer. These machines do not require a permanent water connection and use less water as compared to fully automatic machines. Semi-automatic machines are cheap and may cost you around Rs.5000-Rs.7000. The only issue with this machine is that it requires manual interventions. Semi-automatic machines can be easily moved from one place to another. There are chances of getting electric shocks while moving clothes from one tub to the other because of open water connectivity and improper earthling. These are big and require more space as compare to semi-automatic washing machines.


These machines only have one tub; it does not require Transferring of clothes. Washing and drying are all done in a single tub. The water supply should be constant without interruption and it does not require any manual work. These machines are energy efficient and only need to be a program for its working. There are various functions like easy wash, hard work, normal wash – you just need to set and initiate. Automatic washing machines provide you with a large number of programs as compare to semi-automatic machines. These are expensive and be cost you around Rs.10, 000-Rs.35, 000. Now there are two types of the washing machine in the automatic – top loading and front loading


How to buy a washing machine?  2

These are machines which have a top opening. We can be further classified into alligators and impellers. Alligators have a shaft with fins protruding from the bottom of the drum and running around the garments. The impellers at the bottom have propellers which churn the water to push the clothes. In the wash process, you should add clothes at halfway. They have a shorter wash cycle. Top washing machine attached to the water inlet pump, the machine regulates when water can be drawn or stopped to ensure the correct water pressure. Compared with its equivalent front load washing machine, it has fewer laundry programs but they are easy to use and the most economical.


How to buy a washing machine?  3

As the name suggests, clothes are filled from the front side of such a washing machine as the drum rests horizontally. The front-load laundry machine is now a day’s modern washing machine technology. The front-load washing machines are fitted with many sophisticated technologies such as timer for starting and stopping the machine, soaking clothes, hot water, more than 30 laundry programs and child-lock technology. The washing machine comes with the inbuilt heater and it is generally more efficient than the other washing machines. It makes the clothes because of the tumble Watch technology.




There are various things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a washing-machine

THE MATERIAL OF THE TUB– This is the first and most essential concern that you need to keep while purchasing a washing machine. Tubs can be available in plastic, porcelain enamel, and steel. The first two types are very cheap. Porcelain enamel is more durable as compared to plastic tubs. Apart from this stainless steel tubs are the best because of the durability and high spin-speed.
WASH SETTINGS – this is one of the most essential features that a washing machine should have. It includes setting the washing machine on various levels including gentle wash, normal wash and hand wash. These are controls that set the speed of the washing machine. This can be controlled through normal control switches, touchpad or a touchscreen. Depending upon the type of washing machine new purchase.

SPIN CYCLE – the spin cycle for drying is measured at our p.m. which means revolutions per minute .the higher the rpm, the better will be the drying speed of the washing machine. Generally, when washing delicate clothes the RPM is 300-500 rounds whereas for hard wash the RPM range up to 1000.

THE FUZZY LOGIC-This function automatically chooses the right conditions for washing, based on the number of clothes. It can sense the laundry weight and then assess how much water, detergent and time is required to clean the load. So, you don’t have to think about any settings.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL– Unless the washer has a built-in fan, the feature should help to change the water temperature. This can be useful in winter. Alternatively, hot water cleans clothing better. Some of the units are set to fire, which helps to fight debris and stains well.

TIME DELAY– Time delay lets you prepare and later power the washing machine. This is helpful because on some occasions you like to stop the noise. The pre-soak facility helps you to soak your clothes for a set time, during which the wash process will immediately begin.

LOAD CAPACITY – if you have a large family you would require a heavy loading washing machine and if you are a small family or a single person then you will prefer a small washing machine. Mostly there are washing machines of 7L-8 L, that two semi-automatic mostly preferred by small families. Firstly the washing capacity is measured in kilograms. It is linked with the weight of the clothes that you’re planning to wash the washing machine.


So here is a guide on how to purchase a washing machine. It is not at all a difficult job of buying of washing machine but there are a few things that you’re supposed to keep in mind including the type of washing machine you want to buy according to your work. If you are buying of washing machine for households then you need a compact one for gentle washing. If you were buying a washing machine for commercial purpose then you need a large one with high capacity. Apart from this, there are various other features like temperature control, spin cycle, Wash Settings the material which is being seen before purchasing a washing machine.

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