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How to wake up early during #covid19 lockdown


Well, it’s time to get motivated and be early birds to cope up with our project and responsibilities of work during the lockout period. During the period of lockdown it has become a morning ritual to wake up late and sleep late, but not to worry about it, here is how you can manage your time and make yourself productive. They are people willing to do various other works other than being a part of 9 to 5 jobs, it may be painting, drawing, cooking, listening to music, studying, work out, and Netflixing.

Make a to-do list

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So, first of all, make a list of the things you are willing to do except sleeping. It is quite difficult to wake up early in the morning, but if you start waking up early in the morning you seem to be more productive in your activities. Early in the morning does not mean a 6 o’clock but it maybe 9 o’clock. Pump up your activities boost up your system and start with your work from home tasks. Complete your assignments on time so that you can spare time for other works too.

Benefits of waking up early

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Waking up early in the morning allows you to do more things in the 24-hour clock; it also brings positivity to your work and keeps you motivated to work all round the clock.

Some people are unable to wake up early in the morning but that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. So if you’re not a morning person you can schedule your appointment in the afternoon keeping in mind that the other person is also not an Early bird. But that seems quite difficult. Keep a plan of things you’re supposed to do in a day and divide the day accordingly. Make sure that you find a better place to work other than your bed. Relaxing on the couch won’t let you work and would just increase your sleep. Routines are not just made once it takes time which means retest your routines and inspire yourself to accept changes.

How to wake up early

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To wake up early in the morning you need to get motivated, keep a mindset that you have to achieve something at the end of the day. It does not only mean completing your work from home tasks but also doing something that makes you happy. The lockdown days won’t come again! You need help exploring, talk to your like-minded people and get their opinion. Do not keep finding flaws in your routine that will just demotivate you.

  • Use morning prompts to alert the senses like an alarm clock away from your bed and next to your window, an automated coffee machine, a controlled hall radio, etc. You should not be near your room with your alarm clock. How about putting it as far away as you can from your bed? You’ll get out of bed this way, walk a little bit, work out some muscles and get into a more alert state.
  • You are supposed to customize your alarm so that it boosts up your energy and you wake up with a vibrant mood. Set up an alarm saying a positive message. Yes but for this, you need to sleep on time. The best way to wake up early in the morning is by listening to songs so don’t forget to play songs just after you wake up this will freshen up your mood.
  • Take a to-do list and prepare a mindset by researching the things that you’re supposed to do in a day. This helps in collecting your random thoughts and once you are done putting them down on a paper start, try pushing yourself to words achieving them.
  • Get your workspace in order, don’t keep things nearby or Messy, This will just make you feel luxury and comfort. Keep fruits near you a water bottle a cup of coffee and notes to put your thoughts down on it.
  • Get motivated many videos on YouTube will help you wake up early in the morning. You can practice yoga for 10 minutes or go on a job within the house for 10 minutes or just do some push-ups and squats. If you’re not a workout person then just keep listening to songs.
  • The next trick to wake up early in the morning is having breakfast. This is for all the foodies who are stuck in their house during the lockdown. Have a good meal instead of taking unhealthy food. Have oatmeal or egg or a parfait, that does not make you feel drowsy enhances the level of your energy.
  • Lockdown days help you to become a pro on time management because you have various thoughts and the process going in your mind. Keep Yourself fresh with few breaks, stretch your body, have a cup of coffee in between work from home durations
  • Jump out of your bed and do some yoga and workout, meditate for 15 minutes but don’t sleep. This will help you remain focused and prompt.
  • Do the hard work early – this means that finish your tasks in the morning so that you have time left to do other activities in the evening and night. It is popularly said that the brains are fully focused in the morning, so use it and adjust your morning times in checking mails having calls and meetings and completing your tasks and assignments.
  • Apart from this, another way of Waking up in the morning is getting social, in the lockdown days? This does not mean that you’re supposed to break the rule of social distancing but yes you can call someone and talk about anything interesting that energizes and motivates you.


Eventually while working in the morning keep in mind that evening of a big picture, devote some time for you in the evening, and do something that makes you happy instead of doing your work from home tasks that could have been done in the morning. This will keep you motivated.

Treat yourself well do not overburden yourself because you won’t get this look down days again spare some time for the other in your life. This can only be done by waking up early in the morning and completing tasks early. If you want to have more ideas on how to wake up in the morning you can read a book called the miracle morning by Hal Elrod to listen to a podcast to motivate you to wake up in the morning or the best way may be by just doing a little bit of workout or yoga early.

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