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HQ Trivia’s troubles continue to persist after a failed mutiny to oust the CEO, a 92% decrement in downloads since then versus a year ago, a layoff of 20% of its staff last week.

A report has now learned that HQ has even failed to install a replacement of CEO after months of searching. Meanwhile, users continue to crib about delays for pay-outs of their prizes from the live Trivia mobile game, and also about being booted from the game for no reason.

Notably, Alex Jacob, who is also a Jeopardy winner, complaints that he hasn’t been paid the $20,000 he won on HQ Trivia on June 10th. This could shake the players’ faith in HQ and erode their incentive to compete.

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A representative from HQ tells TechCrunch that the game has paid out $6.25 million until now and that 99% of players have been eligible to cash out within 48 hours of winning, but some winners might need to wait for 90 days for it to ensure they didn’t break the rules to win. It is also evident from Jacob’s large jackpot that the delay could be due to the company investigating to ensure he won fairly, though he’s clearly skilled at trivia given he won Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions in 2015. Jacob did not choose to respond to requests for an interview.

“We strive to make a game that is fair and fun for all players. As such, we have a rigorous process of reviewing winners for eligibility to receive cash prizes. Infrequently, we disqualify players for violating HQ’s Terms of Service and Contest Rules” HQ Trivia’s press alias anonymously responded. “It may take some eligible winners up to 90 days to receive cash prizes, however, 99% of players have been able to cash out within 48 hours of winning a game and we have paid out a total of $6,252,634.58 USD to winners since launch.”

It seems HQ Trivia must endure its internal tests to resolve these issues.

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