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HSE confirms first of its data hack incidents that is yet under investigation


Last Updated on 30/05/2021 by Khushi

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The Financial Times reported having seen screenshots and files of medical and personal information from HSE patients had being shared online. This was reported by the late end of last week.

Thee was a sudden widespread disruption in the services after which HSE shut down its IT systems, a fortnight ago following a significant ransomware attack.

Following that, the Minister for Health confirmed the genuineness of the attack and the HSE has stated it includes exposure of details related to “sensitive patient data” and other documents.

“Recently a newe publication wrote a stort saying they had seen HSE data that had beeb illegally accessed. We informed the publication of the court order we obtained in relation to this matter last week and asked them to supply it to us, and they agreed,” a statement by the HSE.

The leaked data pertainins to approximately 520 patients, as well as some corporate documents. The data includes sensitive patient information, meeting minutes, and correspondence with patients.

The patients involved are all being notified. An Garda Síochána is investigating upon the hack alongside the needed cooperative efforts by the HSE.

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