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Huawei’s OS Better Than Android


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Last Updated on 16/06/2019 by TDH Publishing (A)

Earlier this week, Huawei’s plans to build its own OS HongMeng and reducing its dependency on others was in the news. But yesterday, there were reports that said Huawei is considering Russian OS Aurora as an Android replacement on new devices. Reports also revealed that Huawei would now call its system Ark OS.

One of the biggest casualties from the US ban on Huawei was losing direct access to the Android OS and PlayStore. Thankfully, Huawei has had Plan B in work for quite some time now, working on its own OS called HongMeng.

At this point, all this news on what Huawei will be calling its new system or whether it will be using the Russian OS seems too much for us. Despite all these uncertainties, there is one update that seems to be a guarantee: Huawei’s proprietary OS would be better and faster than Android.

GSMArena reported that Huawei intends to launch its new system as early as October 2019, with the system being limited to budget and for mid-range smartphones. A valid reason behind this limited availability is because Huawei wants to first test its system and get a response from the market before offering the OS on its flagship models. And so far, the testers have confirmed that the new OS is at least 60% faster than Android. Huawei will launch and install its new OS in the lined-up flagship models once it becomes stable and suitable for the global market.

Reports also share that many Chinese-owned tech companies, like OPPO and Vivo, are urging the developers to publish their apps on the app store of its own OS. But as mobile business CEO Richard Yu shared, the OS will be compatible with all Android apps, which means that there won’t be any modifications on their apps.

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