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Hundreds of employees got affected by IBM’s email migration: What happened?


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

Over the previous few days, hundreds of IBM employees, even those in India, have been unable to access their email. According to people familiar with the situation, this occurred when the US company transitioned from its present Lotus Notes email system to a new communication environment.

In December 2018 HCL Tech purchased Lotus Notes and a few other products for $1.8 billion and after 1.5 years this came.

“Some IBM employees are experiencing email service delays. We are working to restore full service as quickly as possible, and we are leveraging a variety of alternative communications tools to ensure minimal disruption to our clients and to our business while we work to restore full email capabilities,” According to a statement from an IBM spokesperson.

IBM has not made any response regarding the disruption.

What happened?

Because the business is transitioning from Lotus Notes to a new communication environment, the outage occurred which has been made available to 3.5 lakh employees throughout the world, according to a top IBM official.

According to the CEO, the migration process has been expedited in the previous 1.5 months. This was due to an arrangement with HCL Technologies that enabled IBM to utilize Lotus Notes software for a limited time after it was purchased by the IT giant.

“We had an agreement with HCL Tech, where for a period of time, IBM will be able to use Lotus Notes without paying a license fee to HCL tech. That was till June 30, 2021. If we don’t move from today onwards we will have to pay for licenses to HCL Tech for using the Lotus Notes software,” the executive said.

The firm prioritized moving Lotus Notes-based key applications, other applications such as email services were not.

The business has been working on an internal email communication solution, according to the executive Domino, people were only relocated in phases because server and other system configurations needed to be modified, which necessitated further testing.

Hundreds of people began utilizing the system at the same time, as the deadline approached, resulting in email communication being disrupted and delayed.

For a day or two before the restoration, most employees were unable to access their work emails, many employees are still facing delays in getting emails.

Even while IBM works quickly to restore email connectivity and develop alternate communication mechanisms, It’s unclear whether the firm will continue to license Lotus Notes from HCL Tech until email migration concerns in the new environment are resolved.

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