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Hyderabad-based Startup steps-up to save lives amidst covid-19 havoc in India


Last Updated on 09/05/2021 by Khushi

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With the outbreak of the second wave of COVID, and emergence of scarcity of medical oxygen in several parts of the country, Hyderabad based startup ‘The Phi Factory’ is zeroing in on saving lives through its innovative and affordable portable oxygenerators. They used basic scientific principles to address this common problem and developed an oxygen generating kit under the code name Vayuputra.

With a shortfall of per capita medical oxygen supply and medical attention, The co-founder of the Phi Factory, Praveen Gorakari said,” Vayapur has been developed with an objective to support the COVID-19 patients who are under home isolation, with emergency oxygen supply at a low capital expenditure.” He also explained how during home isolation suddenly if a patient’s oxygen saturation level drops and the need to be admitted to the hospital becomes almost inevitable. During this emergency transit patients lose their lives, reason being lack of oxygen. Further, the oxygen concentrators are priced around at a high rate of INR 90,000 in this market which may not be affordable for everyone. 

‘The Project Vayuputra’, a cost-effective, efficient and a scalable solution to the problem at hand. They have developed an in-situ oxygen manufacturing micro reader. The oxgenerator consumers around 20 litres of widely available hydrogen peroxide that produces enough oxygen to last 12 hours. When hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with the metal oxide, a decomposition reaction takes place and oxygen along with water is formed. 

They keep in mind their motive to help the society and have mentioned about having contacted a few reputed companies for taking up the project and making deliveries available for various places across the country. This multi-dimensional innovative platform has caught many eyes making affordable relief possible for covid patients.

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