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If the EMI is missed, the JioPhone Next would be made obsolete; this mechanism will freeze the phone


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Are you planning to buy a new Jio phone next? if yes then there is an important update for you, negligence of paying the EMI of the phone due to any reason could prevent you from using it as JioPhone Next is equipped with a Device Lock feature which assists Reliance Jio to restrict users to access the phone.

This information has been revealed by Jio to the media ahead of its sale. However, if you pay the full amount during the purchase then you’ll not get affected by this feature.

It is believed that Jio has developed the device lock feature keeping in view the incidents of bad loans due to non-payment of EMIs. Last year Google was also spotted developing an application called Device Lock Controller to restrict users to using the phone due to non-payment of EMIs.

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