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India now becomes the 2nd most targeted nation in cloud hacking after the U.S.


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Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

India now ranks as the 2nd most targeted nation in cloud hacking after the U.S. and is followed by Australia, Canada, Brazil. According to reports, India has become highly vulnerable to malware.

Due to the lockdown imposed on the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, cybercriminals are trying their hands out in any new threats or tactics that come in the way which might lead to hacking of devices and obtaining sensitive information.

Reportedly, the government was the most targeted sector in Quarter 2 of 2021 with a 64% increase in publicly reported cyber incidents, a report by McAfee Enterprise.

“Ransomware has evolved far beyond its origins, and cybercriminals have become smarter and quicker to pivot their tactics alongside a whole host of new bad-actor schemes,” said Raj Samani, McAfee Enterprise fellow, and chief scientist. (ETTelecom)

Malware such as DarkSide, Ryuk, REvil, Babuk has been linked to public disruptions of critical services worldwide. Along with the government, other sectors such as telecom, energy, media, and communications were most targeted in terms of ransomware.

There have been the highest jumps of incidents in spamming from Q1 to Q2 of 2021 with 250%, malicious script by 125%, and ransomware by 47%. Financial services were targeted the most among the reported cloud incidents, followed by healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and professional services.

Cloud security has taken a hit because of advanced tactics used by hackers in getting the information of the user. Many companies are still trying to figure out how to save their data from the hands of attackers and criminals.

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