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Indian government to levy penalties for Adhaar violations


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Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), recently made a new rule in which there would be heavy penalty levied on people who will use Adhaar data without authorization. It would also include penalities for hacking and sharing the Adhaar information.

The Aadhaar Act (Adjudication of Penalties) Rules 2021 puts in place a mechanism for UIDAI to enforce the Aadhaar Act’s rules by punishing entities for civil or criminal violations.

The penalties for the violations of these rules can start from ₹10,000 for acts such as impersonation, unauthorized use, data tempering, data hacking, etc. It can go as high as ₹10 million for other compliance violations at the discretion of an adjudicating officer.

Impersonation and unauthorized use can also result in prison terms of up to three years, and hacking and data tampering could be punished with up to ten years in jail, in addition to fines. (Biometricupdate)

The government is witnessing a lot of data hacking and breaching activities as the whole process is getting no-paper and online KYC is being getting done. The new rules also state that a proper consent will be needed from the applicants on whether to store their KYC data or not. The applicant can at any point of time demand for the deleting of the data.

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