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Instagram addresses bug issues creating inconvenience in usage and viewing of IG Stories


Last Updated on 10/05/2021 by Khushi

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“For people impacted by this bug, they saw their stories that were re-sharing posts disappear and their archive and highlights stories were missing.” This statement was delivered by Instagram Head Adam Mosseri when a bug created havoc on Instagram.

This bug deleted millions of story posts of the users, including the social activists on a global scale. 

The company has apologized for the technical bug, behind this fiasco. The Tweet from the Head, Adam Mosseri on Friday was the one that informed about this technical bug, which was the cause of impairment of millions of os stories, archived and highlights of the users around the globe.

When and What?

This happened on one of the important days, the National Day of Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. The organizations who were promoting the cause like Red Dress was found questioning whether their posts were deleted intentionally.

The head was found saying, “This day is incredibly important to raise awareness of this critical issue and support our Indigenous community on Instagram.” 

He further noted, “We apologize to all those who felt like they could not bring attention to these incredibly important causes, and many others around the world.” He further clarified, “This is a widespread global technical issue not related to any particular topic and we are fixing it right now. We will provide an update as soon as we can.”

The earlier tweet by Instagram stated that there are some people who were facing issues in uploading and viewing posts. According to Mosseri, there were people who assumed that this was a deliberate attempt to remove some particular topic’s post due to some hashtags used.

Later the issue was fixed and the public was updated accordingly. It was clarified by the authorities that it was a technical bug that affected the people globally and not a deliberate attempt at some topics.

These technical errors and bugs occur from time o time but the day of National Day of Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women was the reason behind it getting so much attention. 

These technical errors get fixed as easily as they occur but sometimes they covert into controversies like it might have been if not addressed on time. 

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