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Instagram is planning to introduce the “Bonuses” feature for reel creators


Last Updated on 06/06/2021 by Khushi

Instagram is soon planning to introduce the “Bonuses” feature for reel creators.

Instagram is planning to add a new feature “bonuses” to the reels. As per the sources, the app will soon be going to test the feature. Instagram released Instagram reels in 2020, at the time when the tik tok was banned by the government authority due to data privacy issues. So to attract more followers to use Instagram the app developer added a reel feature in Instagram. Several Instagram users used this feature and found it very innovative due to its stunning filter options. 

Instagram is planning to introduce the “Bonuses” feature for reel creators 1

Image Courtesy: The Indian Express. 

The news has been shared by the tipster Alessandro Paluzzi on his Twitter account, he gives complete details about how the “Bonus” feature works. With this bonus feature, the creators will be given the opportunity to earn money by creating reels. Along with earning money, the reel creators can also monitor their total earnings on Instagram. 

It is believed that only those creators can earn money who will upload engageable content on reels based on the good audience engagement metrics the creators will be paid. Along with this feature, Instagram is also planning to allow reel users to know how many people have viewed, saved and shared the reels. 

Although the feature of paying the money to create videos is not new as several other video sharing applications are also paying money to those creators who are making engageable contents, however, since the release of reels this type of feature is not available for creators so it is very good news for those users who are passionate about making reels as this bonus will encourage them to create more creative contents. However, the feature is yet to launch publicly so before making any assumptions we should wait for the launch of the feature.

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