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JBS accuses Ransomware hackers for its most recent data breach accident


Last Updated on 04/06/2021 by Khushi

JBS blamed the Russian hacker group “ransomware hackers” for the recent cyber attack in the company, according to the US government spokesman “a meat packer company has acknowledged about it to the authorities”.

JBS, a well-known meatpacker company, learned about the cyberattack on Monday and immediately shut down its systems, however, they have suffered significant loss due to the shutdown already.

JBS accuses Ransomware hackers for its most recent data breach accident 1

Image Courtesy: Reuters. 

In addition to the shutdown, the business has halted operations at its plant in the United States.

The ransomware hackers are responsible for the data hacking of the colonial pipeline, which has already caused significant damage to US citizens and the government.

The Cyber Security Agency is still seeking ways to get the IP details of the hackers, but still, no clue has been found about the Russian hacking group, which is a cause for concern. The ongoing hacking attacks committed by the ransomware hacking group have resulted in significant financial losses for businesses operating in the United States, as companies are forced to shut down their systems and cease operations to protect themselves from hackers.

According to information obtained from sources, if the outages persist for a long period, meat prices in the United States may rise in the future, and meat exports might be stopped for some days. However, in response to the concern, the US government and FBI have kept in touch with the Russian government and are examining the matter to resolve it as soon as possible.

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