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Jeff Bezos, the first $200 Billionaire has the creepy side. Here are a few…


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Last Updated on 17/10/2021 by Hrithik V

As long as the whole world is trying to chasten the monetary effect of the Corona Epidemic, CEO of World’s Topmost E-Commerce Website (Amazon), Jeff Bezos sustains to be prospered. On the 26th of August, Amazon’s CEO is now the only person to hit a net worth of around $200 Billion.

The stock of the e-commerce platform continued to climb until the United States became the most affected country due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus.

Jeff Bezos, the first $200 Billionaire has the creepy side. Here are a few… 1
Amazon shares in last 6 months

From 26th August, the share value of Amazon’s is now ascended to 2.3% (to $3,423 per share), which helps Jeff Bezos to get in the zone with the net worth of $200 Billion. Still, now, he has much enough wealth than these Multi-National Companies like Nike, McDonald’s, and Pepsi that valued between $139 Billion to $191 Billion.

As of now, he had complete possessions of $204.6 Billion which makes him richer than Bill Gates, Founder, and CEO of Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gates has a total net worth of around $116.1 Billion, makes him a second person with the highest net worth.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s broth has stood out almost 80% through the outset of 2020. The promoter of Amazon also bought major shares of the famous Newspaper Company of the US, Washington Post, an aviation organization, and a feaster of various intrinsical investments. According to a Source, Bezos disposed out 1 Million shares on the first two operative days of August Month as a section of an antecedently declared business scheme.

In particular, Bezos has controlled nevertheless implanting into the world’s huge divorce agreement in 2019. Bezos and his wife Mackenzie Scott finalized their divorce on July 5 for a $ 38 billion settlement – the largest divorce compromise in history.

Jeff’s business amazon is no different than a retail shop that allows all small sellers to sell and once big sales flow in put own products in highlight and restrict small sellers but it’s online and targets a mass customer though the internet/search engine like google.

There has been a lot of speculations and claims by the small seller but amazon gets away by telling “Amazon creates hundreds of thousands of jobs” or “Amazon is always supportive to small businesses” and they will look into the details.

The diapers.com

Amazon killed diapers.com by giving too big discounts that the company didn’t afford to offer and eventually the company was in bad positions in no time. Finally, amazon acquired it’s the parent company and killed it permanently.

Read: Amazon price war with diapers.com

A silicon valley startup June

June, a Silicon Valley tech startup launched in 2013, was one of the first pioneers to develop a smart oven. The company was doing well and had a good share of the unique market. It raised a series of funding from heavyweight investors such as Slow Ventures, Foundry Group, and Eclypse Ventures from 2014 to 2016.

Just a year later, Amazon launched its own smart oven, which had all the features of June – including Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa integration.

June was selling their ovens for $499-699, while Amazon’s ovens cost only $249.99. On top of this, June was funded by the Amazon Alexa fund has to regularly report its confidential financial information to Amazon. Read whole June story and amazon any competition strategy on tbsnews.

Amazon in Rocket and Space Business

Jeff Bezos’s not just about Amazon but also his space company Blue Origin has been pointed to be copying other innovative company execution which can bring a lot of cash in his pocket.

When searched “Google Home” on Alexa

When a developer asked Amazon Alexa the current price of “Google Home”, Amazon Alexa first spoke about it’s 2 amazon products and then spoke about Google Home.

The whole strategy defines either an innovative startup like June or an established player “Google” is the target to Amazon and ready to put themselves before anyone else at any cost.

Jeff Bezos’s $200 Billion is not a one day job, it has taken years to build and many startups, small sellers and dark design patterns have been in execution to make that happen.

Feature Image credit: Bloomberg

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