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Major Advantages of Windows as A Service


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Last Updated on 04/10/2021 by Tarun

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft changed the traditional development, testing, and delivery of Windows operating system versions and upgrades.

Sean W. McLaren, D.D.S.

The traditional approach witnessed the release of a new major version of Windows, e.g. Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, every three years, and the launch of service packs, monthly security updates, and other modifications besides that. Windows 10 uses a distinct release scheme. Microsoft releases two feature updates per year, security updates per month just like before, and a second cumulative update for testing.

Microsoft’s employee Sean McLaren published a new article at the end of May 2019 in which he highlighted the merits of Windows as a Service. He mentioned “improved stability”, “more secure”, “more productive”, and “lower total cost of ownership” as four huge reasons why Windows as a Service is more effective than the traditional approach.

Improved stability: With Windows 10, the team works to deliver monthly quality modifications to over 800 million active Windows 10 users, 35 million application titles (with more than 175 million application versions), and 16 million unique hardware/driver combinations. Staying current means the users’ devices benefit from the latest features and enhancements as well as fixes for known issues.

More secure: Staying current in the age of digital transformation is the best way to avoid and protect from threats. A regular rhythm of monthly upgrades shifts controls away from potential attackers and in your favor.

More productive: Don’t take productivity for granted as a “nice to have.” In addition to the hundreds of Windows 10 user-focused characteristics introduced over time, there have been innumerable additions designed specifically to make an IT professional’s life easier and more manageable.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): Staying up to date with the latest Windows feature and monthly updates will not only enhance productivity, it will ultimately lower the total cost of ownership by helping you focus application compatibility testing, reduce security risk and remediation costs, reduce support costs, and enable more effective employee-customer interactions.

If one takes a good hard look at the advantages, it might be noticeable that most of them, maybe even all, apply to older versions of Windows as well or could be adopted easily. Microsoft may have data on stability but if looked at the number of issues of updates and features updates, many of the users may question that data. Windows 10 may work stably for most users but so do previous versions of Windows.

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