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Meta’s kid-friendly Messenger app now has a dark mode and additional speech effects


Last Updated on 08/12/2021 by Sunaina

Messenger Kids, the kid-friendly version of Meta’s Messenger service (formerly Facebook Messenger), is getting a dark mode and additional audio effects for voice conversations, according to the site.

Dark mode first appeared in the main Messenger app at the beginning of 2019, but it is now now available in the version of the app geared for youngsters aged six to twelve. Ideal for any children preparing for a challenging adolescent goth phase. It will be available initially on the iOS version of the app, followed by the Android version.

Meanwhile, voice effects will be available in the coming weeks and, like the service’s dark mode, will be available initially for iOS. They appear to be a fun addition, combining with the service’s current audio communications function to allow a youngster to sound like a robot, ghost, gorilla, mouse, or as if they’re speaking into a seashell. After recording a voice message, the five choices display, allowing you to make changes before sending it.

Messenger Kids has generally slipped under the spotlight in recent years, despite its fair share of scandal. Especially when contrasted to Instagram, which was compelled to publicly disassociate itself from claims earlier this year that it was working on a version of Instagram for youngsters under the age of 13. Messenger Kids, on the other hand, has mostly avoided comparable levels of criticism because of inoffensive features like audio effects and a carefully parental-controlled design.

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