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Microsoft confiscate 42 Websites From a Chinese Hacking Gang


Last Updated on 07/12/2021 by Riya

Microsoft announced on Monday that a federal court had granted its digital crime unit permission to confiscate various websites exploited by a Chinese hacking gang to attack organizations in the United States along with 28 other nations.

According to Microsoft, the hacker group Nickel was exploiting the sites to carry out attacks “for intelligence harvesting from government entities, research institutes, and humanitarian groups.”

“Rerouting visitors from the infected sites to Microsoft’s secure networks will support us shield emerging and potential people while studying more regarding Nickel’s operations,” the company claimed it honestly thinks it has “eliminated a crucial component of the infrastructure the group has been focusing on for this recent series of threats.”

Nickel has been followed by Microsoft since 2016, and the hacker team’s technique is to “install hard-to-detect malware that supports infiltration, monitoring, and data breaches,” according to Microsoft. As per Microsoft’s studies on Nickel’s activities, the hacker organization does so by leveraging unsecure on-premises Exchange Server and SharePoint systems as well as data accumulated from spear-phishing attempts.

The company’s move targeting the Nickel cybercriminal organization coincides with the Biden presidency’s measures to strengthen US cybersecurity.

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