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Microsoft promised to gift $1,500 pandemic bonus to its employees.


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Microsoft announced to provide $1,500 to its employees across the world, the bonus is given to appriciate the commendable efforts of employees towards the company. The news has been shared by Microsoft’s chief people officer, Kathleen Hogan. Bonus will be offered to all the employees working below the executive level position as well as part-time workers. Since the beginning of the company, it has provided several job opportunities to people from around 21 countries. Over 175,508 people are constantly working with Microsoft around the world to expand the company’s growth to the great extent, despite lockdown, the employees continued to work for the betterment of the company via home.

The bonus will be given only to the Microsoft employees, the subsidiary companies are not included in this initiative. In lockdown when most of the businesses were facing loss Microsoft witness a great surge in its laptop sales and windows usage. It is estimated that in past one year Microsoft made a profit of up to $160 billion which is happened only by the continued support of its employees, that’s why the company wants to honor its employee’s efforts by providing them a bonus.

In past, similar efforts had been made by tech giants Facebook, Amazon, and BT and now Microsoft also followed in their footsteps. The effort is very commendable as it encourages employees to work with more energy for the company which ultimately benefits the company in growing its profit. Besides this, Microsoft also contributed towards the betterment of society, recently it has been reported that the company had donated over $98 million to assist citizens of Washington state running their life smoothly during COVID-19, and also aims to spend an additional $60 million by this month.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Offices are still closed in Washington Although earlier Microsoft promised to reopen the offices in Washington by March 29 now the opening is delayed till September.

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