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Microsoft improves OneDrive for quicker synchronization on Apple M1 Macs


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Last Updated on 08/12/2021 by Sunaina

For its cloud-based storage service, Microsoft has launched a OneDrive sync programme for Windows on Arm and Apple’s M1 Macs. The revised OneDrive app is now available as an opt-in download for both Windows on Arm and macOS, allowing the software to operate natively on both platforms.

Because the OneDrive process will no longer be mimicked on Windows on Arm, the performance of the OneDrive sync app should improve. The upgrade to 64-bit is especially beneficial for OneDrive customers who have a big number of files or files that are enormous in size.

Microsoft’s OneDrive support for Apple’s M1 Macs and Windows on Arm follows on the heels of Dropbox’s announcement that it is testing its own native app. Dropbox is now supported on Apple’s M1 Macs via Rosetta, but a new software will be available next year. “We have an internal build for native Apple M1 compatibility that we’re presently testing and are committed to delivering in the first half of 2022,” a Dropbox representative told 9to5Mac.

Microsoft hasn’t given a firm release date for the OneDrive Arm preview, but anybody can activate it by selecting the “receive OneDrive Insider preview updates before release” option in the OneDrive settings > about section.

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