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Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ App Mirrors Your Phone’s Notifications


Microsoft is currently rolling out on one of the updates of it’s Your Phone application on Windows 10 that will let it mirror notifications from your Android phone onto your PC. This update heads back to the Giant company’s promise from August 2018, when Microsoft said that notifications would be coming.

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According to the giant, the core concept behind Your Phone has not changed much. Once the user syncs an Android smartphone with the application, he/she can read and reply to text messages, have a look at photos in the on-device library, and drag and drop the files as well. Once this update hits your PC, the application would get smarter enough to display any notification that the paired devices receive.

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Here are some easy steps that one can follow in order to set up ‘Your Phone’ app:

1. Download ‘Your Phone’ application on Windows 10 and on Android as well.

2. Sign in with your Microsoft account.

3. Set up Android permissions and notification access on Android.

4. Customize your settings.

Note- The only prerequisite for your PC is that it is running 2018 updated Windows 10 or newer.

Though receiving notifications on your PC is a great update, taking action on those, via Phone, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., would be better. It had also been observed earlier this year that Microsoft demonstrated its plans about allowing users to do exactly that by mirroring their Android phone screen, letting them remotely take action on it. Hopefully, for further future updates, this functionality will also include the capability and ability to filter which notifications come through.According to Microsoft’s Vishnu Nath (who is responsible for Your Phone app and other cross-device experiences), the feature would apparently be called “notification chasing”. It is already available in beta version for Windows Insiders, and will likely release for others very soon.

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