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MixCommerce, This Indian SaaS startup is trying to fix the scattered SaaS Market.


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MixCommerce, This Indian SaaS startup is trying to fix the scattered SaaS Market. 1
Left to Right:
Sambit Patra (Founder of a Data Science Platform)
Ankur Jeswani (COO MixCommerce)
Rana Jayant (Founder of MixCommerce)

MixCommerce, a SaaS software startup, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its cutting-edge platforms for small and medium-sized businesses.

MixCommerce has planned to build a complete business suite and give businesses a single digital place to manage all their business. Businesses today do that by using 130+ expensive tools and end up spending $1,30,000+ USD on average in the US. They also face many issues, including the process of expensive integration, and much more.

MixCommerce wants to cut all the complexity of integrating 100s of products, avoid the chaos that happens due to API version changes and while doing all this, save businesses up to 60% on their SaaS expenses.

MixCommerce is committed to building solutions that help businesses streamline operations, increase productivity, and drive growth. MixCommerce Photos is launched in beta and other platforms will be launched by the end of 2023.

1. MixCommerce Photos

The first platform, MixCommerce Photos, is a royalty-free photo-sharing platform that allows businesses to download and use images for free, even for commercial purposes. The platform is designed to make it easy for businesses to find the perfect image to represent their brand. The terms of service include guidelines for any misuse of images and videos available on the platform.

2. MixCommerce Social

MixCommerce Social is an all-in-one social media publishing platform that allows businesses to easily manage and schedule their social media content. With this platform, businesses can stay connected with their customers and grow their online presence.

3. MixCommerce CRM

MixCommerce CRM is a CRM solution focused on small and medium-sized businesses. It is designed to help businesses manage their customer relationships and improve their sales and marketing efforts.


START CRM is a CRM solution for small businesses with limited features, designed for business owners who are new to CRM.

“We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our platforms and offer small and medium-sized businesses the tools they need to succeed,” said “Rana Jayant”, “Our platforms are designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making it easy for businesses to get the most out of them.”

MixCommerce is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and succeed. The company is dedicated to providing the best customer support and continuously updating its platforms to meet the changing needs of its customers.

What’s MixCommerce up to?

The company is planning to release a set of software that helps businesses in managing their business operation properly and goes beyond silo data storage. The company is also planning to start education courses that educate business owners on managing their businesses digitally and educate on scaling existing businesses.

Community First:

MixCommerce Team has been focusing on collaboration with startup communities and has

been doing events to understand the use case, and community and build better products.

Event 1: Open House Networking (110+ participants)

The event was done with a collaboration between eChai, Draper house, and MixCommerce (MixCommerce Team as Anchor, Moderator, and Photographer)

MixCommerce, This Indian SaaS startup is trying to fix the scattered SaaS Market. 2
An event conducted by MixCommerce Team at Draper House, Koramangala, Bangalore, India

Event 2: Marketing for SMBs and SMEs, Bangalore (MixCommerce CEO as Panelist)

Rana Jayant (MixCommerce CEO) was invited to speak to small and medium-sized business owners of the most active startup group eChai in Bangalore. The event was attended by 50+ entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup fellows.

MixCommerce, This Indian SaaS startup is trying to fix the scattered SaaS Market. 3
Rana Jayant speaking in the mic.
On the panel (left to right)
1. Nabajyoti Saikia Director, (Shyamji’s Chole Bhature, Scaled food business using Instagram organic content)
2. Ashwin Nair Head Of Marketing, Instoried (Raised $200M for AI tools)
3. Rana Jayant, Founder at MixCommerce & STABLX (Drove 40M+ SEO organic traffic, 3B+ organic reach)
4. Nitin Mathur – Co-Founder, Tavaga (Got $70K+ users on his fintech platform)

Event 3: Marketing for An event conducted by eChai, MixCommerce, Bangalore

The event was focused on marketing, and it was done parallel to an echo event in Bangalore and was participated by 25+ people in a remote location. The event had many new founders, experienced founders, and people from the luxury real estate who wanted to improve their marketing strategy.

MixCommerce, This Indian SaaS startup is trying to fix the scattered SaaS Market. 4
On stage Ankur Jeswani (Speaking, MixCommerce), Rana Jayant (Founder & CEO of MixCommerce)

The vision:

The company aims to become one of the most usable and mass-adaptable companies in the world by building affordable software in India and deploy to the world. Our goal is not to make our pricing go high but our usability goes high. We have done this before with our clients, and we are willing to do this again for MixCommerce.

The team:

The core team consists of highly experienced people who have worked with BMW, Hetero, L&T, OYO, P&G and etc. The core team is focused to cut the cost of marketing and grow organically.

The company has mentors from ZOHO, Freshwork, and Salesforce and is focused on building sustainable technology advancement for mass adaption.

The competition:

The market has many SaaS software and they are expensive. There SaaS Business software users have to pay hefty charges for developer integration, and use tools like zapier to manage the business process.

Our goal is to offer businesses an end-to-end solution that lets you sleep peacefully at night than worrying about the reliability, or data security of the system.


MixCommecre is willing to raise between $300k as their pre-seed fund to fund their technology development and content creation to scale organic marketing.

MixCommerce team is looking to partner will angel investors or VCs that believe in long-term growth and are willing to go beyond the typical churn and burn strategy.

MixCommerce requires funds not to close the company but to make it quite better. Our focus is that build, mass adaptable products that businesses love that spend all the/most of the money on ads.

Founder’s Mindset:

Almost any New CRM business today spends up to $30 cost per click to run ads on google. It’s expensive and drains the company’s marketing budget.

Rather than focusing on expensive paid marketing, we want to invest that resource in building even more usable products.

For now, our company is focused to innovate its reach and grow organically, says Rana Jayant, The Founder, and CEO of MixCommerce.

Although it works, there is always a question of reliability. Sometimes the system breaks due to a single vendor API change or sometimes the payment fails because of government regulation.

The team believes in the above statement as they have driven 40M+ SEO traffic and 3B+ reach organically in the past.

Their organic strategy has worked for many small, medium, and enterprise businesses and they are confident that it will work this time for MixCommerce too.

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