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Nasscom gives hint on new drone rules to help startups, SMEs hence boosting innovation


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Khushi

image courtesy: Times Of India

The ministry of Civil Aviation has given some new drone rules. These new rules will boost and enhance productivity and innovation, creating more growth opportunities and hence helping small and medium sized enterprises (SMSEs), said by Nasscom.

“We welcome the government’s decision to liberalize norms for operating Drones in the country for both commercial and non-commercial purposes under the new Drone Rules, 2021,” the non-governmental trade body said in a statement. (Source: BusinessToday.in)

This will help MSMEs from various backgrounds such as e-commerce, mining, healthcare, logistics, emergency, others, etc.

Due to these rules there will be more flexibility upon its usage among the agriculture sector, precise farming and also sending medicine in those parts of the country where there are larger amounts of difficulties in supplying products and medicines. With the help of drones, there can be contactless deliveries. 

Nasscom has also urged the government to address some key concerns when it comes to operating the drones. One such concern is that of No Permission No Takeoff requirement. This should be followed strictly to avoid any misuse of drones until and unless there is an emergency.

Furthermore, the rules in a nutshell have led to lowering of permissions, ease of zoning and hence, more smooth usage of drones.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has also mentioned the importance of drones as he thinks that drones will prove highly useful for the coming generation and innovation.

Nasscom gives hint on new drone rules to help startups, SMEs hence boosting innovation 1Image Source: Business Standard

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