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New MacBook Pro Approved By FCC


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Apple has been preparing an update to a 13-inch MacBook Pro machine, and according to recent certification, the macOS powered device is quite close to the competition.

According to a Forbes’ article, this is the obvious conclusion to be drawn from the latest FCC documentation, which regulates devices with wireless receivers and transmitters. The FCC’s paperwork is a classic resource that has little choice but to ‘leak’ exactly what products are nearing the release by virtue of the need for FCC clearance.

It seems like this time, its Apple’s MacBook Pro turns to be noted by the agency. Citing a model number (A2159) that matches up with model numbers listed in other national certification agencies, the FCC listing offers a few details, according to Chance Miller reports:

“The FCC document is found to be vague, but it does note that this is a 13-inch MacBook Pro, ruling out speculation that it could be a refreshed version of the languishing 12-inch MacBook or updated iMacs. These new 2019 MacBook Pro models use the A1990 model number, suggesting this is an additional new machine.”

Now the question is, what sort of MacBook Pro will this be? For now, the giant company is working on new technology and new screen sizes for the MacBook Pro range, which would be a 16-inch version. But it has also made clear that this is a 13-inch version, its more likely that this is another iterative update to the range in order to maintain parity with the competition in terms of processor, storage, and clock speeds.

This would definitely match with the plot discussed and confirmed by multiple sources from earlier this year which suggested that Apple would launch a 13-inch MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM.

And while it is not a part of the Top Trumps Specs game, it would not be too much to ask for a reliable keyboard that users can trust.

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