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Ninja’s First Day on Mixer


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After his highly publicized breakup with Twitch, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is off to a good start on Mixer, obtaining half a million subscriptions on his first day and pushing the Mixer app to the peak of the iOS App Store.

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He hosted his first Fortnite stream from the Microsoft-owned website from Lollapalooza, with a crowd of crazy fans visible on the stream watching him live and a much larger one watching online.

Ninja declared his departure from Twitch on August 1, in a move that could have an impact on streaming much larger than just where his videos are hosted. Ninja is one among Twitch’s biggest stars, which on its own makes the move significant, but it also comes at a time when the site’s future already seems to be in question. Twitch recently launched subscriber-only streams, which are ad-free but can only be viewed by paying subscribers. It was an extremely controversial move, with many users worrying that it would fracture the community. Earlier this year, the site’s moderation was called into question when a rash of extremely offensive content was posted, falsely labeled as streams of Valve’s Artifact.

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Reportedly, the day after Ninja declared his shift to Mixer, he posted on Twitter that he had already hit 500,000 subscribers. That’s considerably a lot of subscribers than he has on Twitch, which is presently under 15,000, according to Twitch Tracker, and twice the number he had at his peak of 250,000 in March 2018. It’s important to note that Mixer is presently providing free subscriptions to Ninja’s channel to welcome him to the site, so it stays to be seen how many of the rushes of recent subscribers can stick around once the promotion ends. Nonetheless, it’s an auspicious start for the streamer’s new channel after his risky move from the platform where he made his fame.

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