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Nintendo Declares “Heroes Vs Villains” Tournament Event


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s big 4.0 update has gone life, and it introduces another DLC fighter, the Hero from Dragon Quest, to the game along with a few other new features, such as an Online Tournament mode which will sometimes host special themed events and a brand new Spectate mode that allows you to earn prizes for successfully predicting the winner. In addition to the update, Nintendo has quietly released a Smash Ultimate freebie for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

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The Heroes vs Villains Online Tourney was declared on both the Japanese and Australian Nintendo Twitter accounts. Of course, heroic and villainous characters will stand at the center of this specially-themed Smash Bros. event.

In keeping with its theme, this tourney can solely allow players to choose from a restricted roster of characters. Unsurprisingly, Dragon Quest‘s Hero seems to be one of the hero’s players can choose from. Based on the announcement graphic, it appears the roster will also include Mario, Link, Samus, and Fox. Other heroes can likely be playable, like Sakurai’s beloved Kirby and Pit.

Likewise, players will also have the possibility to travel to the dark side and choose villainous characters during this journey. The graphic for the Heroes and Villains Online Tourney effectively confirms the playability of a couple of evil fighters. These include Meta Knight, Bowser, Ganondorf, King K. Rool, Ridley, and Wolf. We might predict that other baddies in the roster can show up, like Bowser Jr., Wario, Dark Pit, and Dark Samus. However, we will have to wait to find out the full list of available characters.

Players will earn Spirits for competing within the Heroes vs Villains Online Tourney. The further they get into the online bracket, the better the Spirits they will earn. The tournament will last three days this weekend, beginning on August 9.

Nintendo has become quite dedicated to building up its community of online Smash Ultimate players. This can be seen in the announcement of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate North America Online Open August 2019. The Smash Online Tourneys may even replace Splatoon 2′s Splatfests as the online phenomenon of Nintendo esports.

The ruleset of the Heroes vs Villains Online Tourney has not yet been revealed. As a result, we do not know how much it will cater to Smash Ultimate‘s existing competitive scene. Even so, players who can’t make it to Smash Con will certainly have something to look forward to this weekend.

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