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Nordpass has released a report on the most often used weak passwords in India


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Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by TheDigitalHacker

Passwords are used for everything from login to Facebook accounts to Gmail and Gpay. Our personal information is kept protected by using the password, however choosing a weak password will cause you trouble.

However, many people use a similar password for many profiles, which makes their passwords vulnerable to hackers. Nordpass has issued a report on the matter. This will provide you with data on the most commonly used passwords in India.

Users throughout the world prefer easy passwords such as 123456, xxx, iloveyou, 1234567, qwerty, abc123, 123456789, 111111, and 12345. It will only take a minute to break these passwords. Easy passwords such as qwerty, password, dragon, asdfghjkl, asdfgh, and money are also commonly used.

Apart from india123, the research claims that all of these passwords can be hacked in less than a minute. India123 on the other hand will be hacked in 17 minutes.Weak passwords must not be chosen, according to researchers.

Your personal information could be revealed which will assist hackers in draining your bank account when you use a weak password.

How to set a strong password?

It is critical to keep these considerations in mind when choosing a password.

1. Utilise ten to fifteen characters.

2. Combine the alphabet and numerals.

3. Make your password more unique by including special characters.

4. Passwords should not contain your name.

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