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Now you can enable a ‘Dark mode’ even for your device’s Google search engine


Last Updated on 17/10/2021 by Khushi

A new feature has been added to Google’s search engine. Google’s all-new update now enables Dark mode for its search engine on desktops. This update is for Microsoft, Windows 10, and macOS devices.

This new feature was tested before by the company but now it seems the company is rolling out the feature to stable versions. 

This new feature was announced earlier back in December 2020. Somehow it was a miss for the desktops, but now the company has released the updates for PCs. earlier it was available only on mobile phones.

The feature was discovered by an industrialist named Matt Navarra, who also shared a screenshot regarding the mode. It has not been released in all regions yet.

If one wants the dark mode- the user might see a ‘Dark mode is now available’ notification on Google search for the web. Or another way to check is that, open your Google settings and see if you are able to see the dark theme option under the appearance section. There will be three options visible to you in the settings tab- Default, Light theme, Dark theme. Google’s Dark mode is the same as other apps’ Dark mode. After choosing the Dark mode, your search engine will appear Monochromatic, it used to be colorful before.

Google is the latest addition to enable Dark Mode for its platform after Social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

There is high demand for Dark mode among users, the reason behind that it’s better than other themes in terms of eye protection. The night mode is lighter, gives less stress, and is soft to the eyes especially good for the people who have desk jobs.

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