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On July 2 Facebook will submit the compliance report in accordance with Indian IT regulations


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

On Tuesday Facebook announced that it will release an interim report on July 2 as required by IT regulations which were implemented on May 26th. Also between May 15 and June 15, summarized data will be provided on how many pieces of material it proactively deleted. On July 15, the final report will be released, including the customer complaints collected and the actions done.

The new IT guidelines, which took effect on May 26, require big social media businesses to produce monthly compliance reports, stating the specifics of the complaints received and the actions are done in response to them.

The number of significant communication connections or pieces of material that the intermediary has deleted or disabled access to as a result of any proactive monitoring done using automated technologies should also be included in the report.

“In accordance with the IT Rules, we’ll publish an interim report for the period May 15-June 15 on July 2. This report will contain details of the content that we have removed proactively using our automated tools,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

The final report, which will include information on customer complaints received and actions done, will be released on July 15, according to the spokesman. The report which will be released on July 15 will also include data from WhatsApp, which is presently being verified, according to the spokesman.

Because “we are in the process of confirming this data,” the report on July 2 will be an “interim report” that will not include specifics of complaints received and actions taken, and that data will be supplied in the July 15 report, according to the information available on Facebook’s Transparency webpage.

The new IT regulations are intended to prevent digital platform abuse and exploitation, as well as provide users with a comprehensive venue for grievance resolution. According to the guidelines, social media firms must delete reported information within 36 hours and nudity and pornography-related content within 24 hours.

These platforms will lose their intermediary status, which shields them from responsibility for any third-party data they host if they do not meet the IT standards.

Spoorthi Priya was recently hired as Facebook’s India Grievance Officer, while Paresh B Lal is selected as India’s Grievance Officer for WhatsApp.

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