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Operators have begun to rebrand, as ransomware assaults have decreased


Last Updated on 05/01/2022 by Sanskriti

Positive Technologies examined the threat landscape in Q3 2021 and discovered that attacks against individuals, as well as assaults utilizing remote access malware, had escalated. However, as we shall see in the following section, the numbers are not all awful.

When compared to Q2 2021, the number of attacks in Q3 2021 declined by 4.8 percent. This was mostly due to the exit of certain large ransomware players from the industry.

The proportion of assaults on organizations has fallen by 22%.

Individual attacks increased by 4% to 14% from 12% in the previous year. In 62 percent of the cases, however, critical information was disclosed. Individuals were also targeted by APT organizations, accounting for 5% of all assaults.

The number of malware-based assaults against businesses has increased by 36%, according to RATs. RATs accounted for 50% of all malware deployed in assaults targeting individuals.

Ransomware assaults on the industrial sector fell to 32% in Q3 2021, down from 80% in Q2 2021.

According to the study, while assaults on computers, servers, and network equipment have dropped, attackers have developed a taste for data, leading to an increase in the usage of RATs. Various phishing and cyberespionage tactics targeting government agency personnel, media workers, and industrial businesses may have contributed to the increase in ransomware attacks against people.

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